Prophet Stories Course

Prophet Stories Course

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    Prophet Stories Course | Learn Islamic Studies

    Quran class Online is offering a “Prophet Stories Course" for the students of all ages (No age limit). It's a best part of our Online Islamic Studies Course and a golden chance for all those who want to learn about Islam and want to spend life according to Islamic rules and Quran lessons. This course which included Basic Islamic knowledge through life stories of our Prophets is designed for the all students who don't know about Islam and who know.  This course will help you to get lessons from these stories and makes your lives better.

    The Noble Quran, narrate a number of stories that took place throughout history of Islam which are full of events that one should consider and take lessons from. These are warnings and glad tidings for the Muslims. Allah the Almighty says: Thus We relate to you (O Muhammad) some information of what happened before. And indeed We have given you from Us a Reminder (this Qur'an)”. ( Surah Ta-Ha, Verse 99)

    Also He has described the Qur'an in these words:

    “ ....... a guidance for mankind and clear evidence of guidance and discrimination (between wrong)”. (2:185).

    In Prophet Stories course, student will study in brief all the stories of the Prophets and will try to highlight the lessons that are to be taken from these stories so that we really benefit from them, hence taking Quran as a source of Guidance for ourselves to make our lives better.

    Course Curriculum

    First Section

    • Story of Prophet Adam A.S.
    • Stories of Prophets Shiith, Idris & Nuh (A.S.)
    • Stories of Prophets Hud & Salih (A.S.)
    • Story of Prophet Ibrahim A.S.
    • Stories of Prophets Ismail & Ishaq (A.S.)
    • Stories of Prophets Lut, Shoaib & Ayoob A.S
    • Quiz - Mid Terms

    Second Section

    • Story of Prophet Yousuf A.S.
    • Story of Prophet Yunus A.S.
    • Story of Prophet Musa A.S.
    • Story of Prophet Dawood A.S.
    • Story of Prophet Sulaiman A.S.
    • Stories of Prophets Uzair, Zakariah & Yahya A.S.
    • Story of Prophet Isa A.S.
    • Quiz - Final Exam


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